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Veggi Box (18pcs)

Japanese omelet nigiri (4pcs) Veg and cream cheese uramaki (6pcs) Avocado uramaki (6pcs) Sweet tofu pouch (2pcs)

Sushi Box (10pcs)

Salmon nigiri (10 pieces)

Detox Boxes (11 pcs)

Salmon avocado uramaki (4 pieces) California uramaki (4 pieces) Salmon nigiri (2 pieces) Salmon avocado temaki (1 pc)

Deluxe Box (17pcs)

Salmon nigiri (3 pieces) Tuna nigiri (3 pieces) Salon sashimi (3 pieces) Salmon avocado uramaki (8 pieces)

Tuna Box (18pcs)

Tuna avocado uramaki (3pcs) Spicy tuna cucumber uramaki (3pcs) Tuna nigiri (3pcs) Spicy tuna hosomaki (6pcs) Tuna sashimi (3pcs)

Salmon Box (5 pcs)

Salmon nigiri (4 pieces) Salmon avocado temaki 1pc

Small Sushi Box (14pcs)

Salmon nigiri (2pcs) Tuna nigiri (2pcs) Salmon and avocado uramaki (4pcs) Californi uramaki (4pcs) Salmon sashimi (2pcs)

Vegan Box (20pcs)(vg)

Vegetable Uramaki (8pcs) Avocado Hosomaki (8pcs) Sweet Tofu Pouch (4pcs)

Mixed Sashimi (12pcs)

Tuna (4pcs) Prawn (4pcs) Salmon (4pcs)

Salmon Lover (22pcs)

Salmon hosomaki (8pcs) Salmon nigiri (2pcs) Salmon sashimi (4pcs) Salmon Avocado Uramaki (4pcs) Spicy Salmon Uramaki (4pcs)

Mixed Nigiri Platter (38pcs)

Salmon nigiri (10pcs) Tuna nigiri (8pcs) Prawn nigiri (8pcs) Eel nigiri (6pcs) Sweet tofu Nigiri (6pcs)

Chef's Special (44 pcs)

Prawn Katsu Uramaki (8pcs) Spicy Tuna Uramaki (8pcs) Avocado Hosomaki (8pcs) Salmon Hosomaki (8pcs) Salmon Nigiri (4pcs) Tuna Nigiri (4pcs) Prawn Nigiri (4pcs)

Special Party Box (130 pieces)

Salmon nigiri (12 pieces ) Tuna nigiri (12 pieces) Salmon sashimi (12 pieces) Tuna sashimi (12 pieces) Avocado maki(18 pieces) Cucumber maki(18 pieces) Prawn avocado (12 pieces) California uramaki (12 pieces) Spicy salmon gunkan (6 pieces) Dragon roll (8 pieces) Salmon avocado temaki (8 pieces)

Sea Platter (42 pieces)

California Avocado Uramaki (8 pcs) Salmon Avocado Uramaki (8 pcs) Salmon Hosomaki (8 pcs) Salmon Nigiri (10 pcs) Salmon Sashimi (8pcs)

Sashimi Platter (9pcs)

Tuna (2pcs) Prawn (4pcs) Salmon (3pcs)

Vegetable Sushi Box (44pcs)

Vegetable uramaki (8pcs) Vegan tempura 8pcs) Avocado Hosomaki (8pcs) Cucumber Hosomaki (8pcs) Kanpyo Hosomaki (8pcs) Sweet Tofu Pouch (4pcs)

Spicy Tuna Temaki Hand Roll

spicy tuna, cucumber, spicy mayo

Eel Cucumber Temaki

Eel, cucumber, avocado, unagi and sesame

Prawn Katsu Avocado Temaki

prawn katsu, avocado, japanese mayo Crab stick and avocado Crab stick, avocado, japanese mayo, sesame

Soft-Shell Crab Cucumber Temaki

Soft shell crab, tobiko, cucumber & spicy mayo

Vegetable Fried Crunchy Roll (vg)

Vegetable Avocado, cucumber, carrot, teriyaki sauce

Chicken Katsu Fried Crunchy Roll

chicken katsu, avocado, teriyaki sauce, sesame

Eel Fried Crunchy Roll

Eel, cucumber, avocado, unagi, sesame

Salmon Fried Crunchy Roll

Salmon, avocado, Japanese mayo, sesame

Prawn katsu Fried Crunchy Roll

prawn katsu, avocado, spicy mayo, sesame

Soft Shell Crab Fried Crunchy Roll

soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, tobiko, spicy mayo, sesame,

Crunchy California Roll

crab stick, avocado, cucumber, crispy onion, spicy mayo


crab stick, tuna, salmon, avocado

Rock 'n' Roll

tataki salmon, spicy tuna, avocado, tobiko, Japanese mayo, red chilli

California Abury

tataki salmon, cream cheese, spice

Crunchy Salmon

spicy salmon, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo, crispy onion

Dragon Roll (prawn)

Prawn katsu, cucumber, avocado, tobiko, teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayo

Vegan Dragon Roll (vg)

Vegetable tempura, cucumber, avocado, teriyaki sauce and crispy onion

Spicy Rainbow

salmon, tuna, ebi prawn, cucumber, avocado, tobiko, teriyaki sauce, spicy mayo

Dragon Roll (Chicken)

Chicken katsu, cucumber, avocado, tobiko, teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayo want to swap out your prawn flavour for chicken?

Fire Bite

prawn katsu, avocado, cucumber topped with tataki tuna, sriracha and spicy mayo

Vegetable Gyoza Soup (vg)

Mixed vegetable and 3pcs vegetable gyoza

Beef Curry Ramen

Mixed vegetables, beef, and wakame

Chicken Curry Ramen

Mixed vegetable, chicken and wakame

Spicy Sea Food Ramen

Salmon, prawn, squid and mixed vegetables

Green Apple Fruit Tea

Green Apple and Jasmine green tea. Comes with Tapioca.

Lychee Fruit Tea

Lychee and Jasmine green tea. Includes Tapioca

Mango Fruit Tea

Mango syrup and jasmine green tea

Passionfruit Fruit Tea

Passionfruit syrup and jasmine green tea

Peach Fruit Tea

Peach syrup and jasmine green tea

Strawberry Fruit Tea

Strawberry syrup and jasmine green tea

Honeydew Fruit Tea

Honeydew syrup tapioca and jasmine green tea

Pomegranate Fruit Tea

Try our new fruit tea for a summery feel! All options same as all other fruit teas

Dalgona Milk Tea

Whipped up fresh coffee in bubble tea form! Now a flavour not too sweet and will get your morning started.

Sushi Hut Brown Sugar

New, creamy and our best-selling bubble tea!

Brown Sugar Milk Tea

All time favourite. Brown sugar syrup, milk, and black tea

Rose Milk Tea

Get your favourite person this beautiful drink. Or treat yourself!

Mango Milk Tea

Mango dream! Comes with tapioca.

Chocolate Milk Tea

Chocolate milk in bubble tea form! Comes with Tapioca

Taro Milk Tea

Taro is a sweet and popular flavour. Comes with Tapioca! We recommend half sugar.

Original Milk Tea

Freshly brewed Assam black tea with milk. Comes with Tapioca. Chai vibes only!

Lotus Milk Tea

Lotus Lovers only! Tapioca included and topped with delicious cream and crumbs. Recommended sugar level: half

Matcha Milk Tea

Creamy Matcha never goes wrong! Comes with Tapioca.

Honeydew Milk Tea

Honeydew, milk and black tea

Lychee Milk Tea

Best-selling flavour Lychee is now available in milk tea version! All options same as all other milk teas

Fresh Assam Black Tea

Freshly brewed black tea using premium leaves

Fresh Jasmine Green Tea

Freshly brewed jasmine green tea using premium leaves.